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How Are My Reward Points Earned and Redeemed?Updated 4 months ago

Each time you place an order with us, you receive points that you can use on future purchases. 

Currently we have two different tiers:

  • Tier 1: UMZU Rewards Member (customers without a product subscription)
  • Tier 2: U-Save Club Member (customers with a product subscription)

UMZU Rewards Members receive 5 points for every $1 spent and U-Save Club Members receive 10 points for every $1 spent.

Other ways to earn reward points : visiting our website, on your birthday once you have entered it, signing up for our mailing list, and writing a product review (limited to once per month). Find more information at your store login here.

*UMZU points earned from a purchase become available to redeem 14 days after that purchase. Points expire after twelve months. Only one discount code at a time may be applied to orders/subscriptions and cannot be applied toward applicable shipping costs.

Using a desktop browser, you can review how many points you currently have and the tier that you're in by clicking the 'rewards' tab on our website (please make sure you're logged in).


For in depth instructions on how to redeem points on a subscription you already have in place, please click the link below:

How to redeem a discount code using Rewards points and apply it to your existing subscription:

For one-time purchases, please follow the instructions below for redeeming reward points.

  1. After logging into your UMZU account and adding one-time purchase items to your shopping cart, proceed to "Checkout."

  2. Use the slide bar under the "Redeem Points" section to select the number of points you would like to use on this order for $ off. Select "Redeem for $X" to generate the discount code, as in the screenshot below:


    If you are not seeing the slide bar to redeem points, please check that all items in your cart are one-time purchases and not subscription items, as discounts do not stack.

3. The discount code generated will automatically be applied to the order. Continue to checkout!

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