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How Can I Add Products to My Subscription?Updated 10 months ago

How to add subscription items to your UMZU subscription on a web browser:

STEP 1: If you're using a computer or laptop: Go to, and click the icon on the top right-hand side and log into your account using the same email address that you used for your subscription.


STEP 2: Once you have successfully logged in, select the second tab/option SUBSCRIPTIONS and click on ADD A SUBSCRIPTION


STEP 3: Select the item(s)/bundle you'd like to add. 3.png


: Select the date you would like the item(s) or bundle to charge on and the frequency in which you would like the order to renew (every 30 days, 60 days or 90 days). On this screen you can also edit the quantity if you would like.

Once you have confirmed that everything looks correct, click on ADD SUBSCRIPTION.

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