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Can I Change the Shipping Address On An Order?Updated 8 months ago

Is there anything I can do to avoid mis-deliveries?

Please check your address prior to submitting the order. Browser add-ons can select an incorrect address.
The default address on your UMZU account is used for one-time orders only. Address changes to a subscription must be updated prior to the charge date. Select the "Subscriptions" tab, then "Edit"  the shipping address for each subscription item, as in the screenshot below: 


How can I change the address on my processed order?

Once an order has been processed, there may only be a brief time period to make a correction. You should email ([email protected]) or chat with UMZU right after placing your order to see if we can make a change. We may need to cancel the order if the change does not meet the exception guidelines given by our order protection service. Please mark the subject line "Urgent- Address Change". Once an order is in the pick and pack phase, UMZU is unable to make a change. We will notify you if the change was successful.

How can I change the address after shipment?

Due to fraud protection measures, only the customer may be able to make changes to a package after shipment. Different options may be available based on the carrier, though typically an additional cost to the customer will be required.

UPS Ground delivery, "Standard" shipping- By signing up to UPS My Choice, you can make address changes to domestic packages shipping via UPS Ground or higher. You can also redirect, hold, or return to sender.

UPS SurePost, our choice "Economy" shipping, does not provide UPS My Choice access. You may upgrade your delivery to UPS Ground or higher through UPS as long as the package has not been transferred to USPS for the final mile of delivery. To sign up for UPS My Choice:

Once the package has scanned to USPS (United States Postal Service), they may allow "hold for pickup" or "return to sender."  To request hold for pickup or return to sender through the United State Postal Service, visit  and select "Intercept". If you need assistance determining your options, we are happy to help.

On occasion, if an apartment number is missing or the carrier notices the address is undeliverable, you may receive a delivery exception note on your tracking number. The exception may allow you to make changes at no additional cost to you. Please hang on to your tracking notice and check it each day that your order is in transit to see if a delivery exception is noted.

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