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Making changes to your subscription


How Can I Swap Products on My Subscription?

(note: if you have locked in special promotional discount rates for specific products, swapping those products will permanently remove their associated discount(s) -- you may be better served cancelling the item and adding a new product instead of sw

How Can I Update My Shipping Address on My Subscription?

*Note - The address will need to be updated on each item in your subscription.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

Cancelling a subscription

Can I Change the Shipping Address On An Order?

Is there anything I can do to avoid mis-deliveries?. Please check your address prior to submitting the order. Browser add-ons can select an incorrect address.The default address on your UMZU account is used for one-time orders only. Address changes t

How Can I Add Products to My Subscription?

How Can I Add a One-Time Order Product To My Subscription?

How Can I Delay My Subscription?

How Can I Change The Delivery Frequency On My Subscription?

How Can I Manage My Account Using a Mobile Browser?

5. Click Subscriptions to manage/edit subscription frequency, charge date, shipping address, and product selection. 6. Click Addresses to view all address associated with your account. 7. Click Billing to update your payment method or billing address